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The data safe

Data safes are used to protect sensitive data. On the one hand, they are used to protect against theft and, most importantly, against fire and the resulting heat. Data carriers such as CDs or old data tapes or diskettes are particularly sensitive to heat. USB sticks or SD cards, as well as hard disks can usually withstand a little more heat. A fire at 1000°Celsius is also problematic for these data carriers.
Here above all the fire protection certificate is important.

Places of use:

Office / Office
crypto currencies

License plate:

high weight
much smaller volume inside the safe in comparison to its external dimensions.
own fire protection class DIS from 60 minutes fire protection are more expensive in comparison to conventional safes often with equipment for the storage of CDs and other data carriers.

You should watch out for that:

Which data do you want to protect and should it only be pure fire protection or combined with security. At the end of the day, that makes a lot of difference to the price you have to pay. Also which data carriers are involved? If you only need to secure USB sticks, you will also be able to cope with a classic fire protection safe.

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