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Safe Knowledge

A used safe in a bad condition will not do anybody a favour. However, the term "used" or "refurbished" can actually cover a variety of different units and options.
The development trend is clearly towards electronic locks, as they offer a high level of convenience. (No key loss, code can be changed, no key needs to be carried)
The answer to this question depends on how safe you want to be when you temporarily leave your parked car in front of a shop or restaurant.
There are safes for banks, safes for schools, safes for keys and simple, inexpensive safes for your home. However, if you want to allow non-key owners to store content in your safe, you need a deposit safe.
You want to go on vacation. No matter if mountain or sea, you will definitely look for accommodation.
....But also the thieves are waiting and looking forward to it. They are resourceful, patient, and observant.
What do you think if someone you know says that he uses a safe to store his personal belongings?
Why choose a safe with an electronic lock?
One of the most important issues in a company is trust in its employees.

sum insured

You would like to purchase a deposit safe for your shop / cafe / bar, but you are not sure what the sum insured is and what the security levels mean.
Basically, between purely mechanical safe locks
and electronic locks for deposit safes.
There are still small but fine differences between them.
What should I look out for if I want to attach a safe or a deposit safe?
The basic rule is: Always fasten and preferably in a corner.

The weapon safe

Weapon safes are used to protect your weapons from unauthorised access and are prescribed by law in the various countries. Depending on the requirements and country, there are non-certified weapon safes in security levels A and B as well as in resistance levels N/0 and 1.
In Germany, the resistance grade 0/N according to EN 1143-1 is now mandatory in order to obtain approval from the weapons authority.
Deposit safes are used for daily receipts or shift receipts.
They are mainly used in gastronomy and retail.
A special feature of deposit safes is that values can be deposited into them through the deposit slot or the deposit flaps without opening the safe.

The data safe

Data safes are used to protect sensitive data. On the one hand, they are used to protect against theft and, most importantly, against fire and the resulting heat. Data carriers such as CDs or old data tapes or diskettes are particularly sensitive to heat.
The safe-deposit box is a classic safe.
It does not have to be as large as a safe to be titled that way.
Safe deposit boxes are often free-standing safes because they are
much heavier and have a higher weight.
The term is often not quite obvious to the consumer, because it is not a piece of furniture, but a classic safe that can be built into a piece of furniture, but does not have to be.
Safes are available in countless designs and variants. Safes for valuables, furniture safes, deposit safes, fire safes, data safes, weapon safes and many more. But which safes do I need, for what purpose and what are the decisive differences that are important to me?