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This deposit safe has been specially designed for the hospitality, hotel industry,
and retail sector. The location of these deposit safes is where daily revenues or shift earnings need to be secured quickly and easily. This deposit safe
has been built according to the VDMA Guideline 24992 for Security Level A, with a single-wall construction, a 5mm thick exterior wall made of high-quality,
hardened steel, and a door thickness of 6mm.

The deposit slot has been designed by us to provide enough space for the deposit of coins and banknotes, and the retrieval mechanism ensures enough security against access by unauthorized individuals. This deposit safe is locked using an electronic combination lock and 2 heavy-duty steel bolts.

The lock features an LCD display, 2 separate user codes, and an emergency lock with 2 keys. 

Product information "Deposit Safe | Business Customers | Bar Safe | Deposit | Electronics"
Built according to VDMA 24992
Insurable up to 1500€
2 Users - 2 Emergency Keys
Prevents unauthorized
retrieval with recovery lock
Wall and floor anchoring possible
including fastening material

Dimensions of the safe:

  • Exterior: H 300 x W 280 x D 260 mm
  • Door Opening: H 170 x W 220 mm
  • Deposit Opening: H 20 x W 150 mm
  • Lock Overhang: 30 mm
  • Single-layered - Wall: 3 mm | Door: 6 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 13.4 kg
  • Volume: 21.84 l

Package Contents:

  • Safe
  • 2 Emergency Keys
  • Fastening Material
  • Instruction Manual in Languages: D, F, E, ES, IT, P, SV, NL

Fixing points: Floor & back wall anchoring
Insurance estimate: Insurable up to approx. €1500
Lock: Pin-code lock
Retrieval prevention: Retrieval prevention
Security level: Security level A

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Protect Your Employees

One of the most important issues in a company is trust
towards its employees. Trust can fade due to faulty, manipulated, or missing
daily/shift earnings. The question of who manipulated or stole the earnings
(employees, external individuals) can affect a team and permanently destroy trust.
On the side of management towards employees,
as well as on the employees' side, there can be false accusations
and distrust. To prevent this from happening, using a deposit safe is advisable.