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The safe-deposit box is a classic safe.
It does not have to be as large as a safe to be titled that way.
Safe deposit boxes are often free-standing safes because they are
much heavier and have a higher weight.
This means that they cannot easily be hidden in pieces of furniture.
Safes are available with or without fire protection.

Places of use

jewellery trade

For advanced learners

For values such as gold, cash, watches, jewellery and documents to be protected, free-standing higher weight from resistance grade 0/N
Depending on the model, there is transport in all price classes to the place of use can be expensive Certified / professional installation recommended.

You should pay attention to this:

Before buying, everyone should think about what should be protected in the end.
Also a discussion with your property insurer should take place in advance and be clarified whether the values in the Tresor will be covered by the insurance and what your insurer may require.

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