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The deposit safe

Deposit safes are used for daily receipts or shift receipts.
They are mainly used in gastronomy and retail.
A special feature of deposit safes is that values can be deposited into them through the deposit slot or the deposit flaps without opening the safe.

Places of use:

  • gastronomy
  • Bars Clubs
  • hotels
  • retail 
  • markets


  • Slot or flap for the insertion of the items
  • return protection
  • Is available in all security classes 
  • Not suitable for private use

You should pay attention to the following

In our experience, the safe deposit box should be installed as close as possible to where the cash or valuables accumulate and are skimmed off. So at the cash desk.
Cash drawers are already covered by the insurer up to 1000 Euro, but are usually rather easy to open. A low-cost deposit safe already significantly increases security and additionally increases the sum of the insured cash, as the sum insured of the deposit safe and the cash drawer add up. The sum insured can usually be significantly increased by a camera or burglar alarm system (alarm system). A conversation with your property insurer in advance is also recommended here.

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