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A new VDS certified electronic combination lock from the company KABA - model Code-Combi K 82021 and 2 heavy steel bolts lock the deposit safe with the article number 10402.
Now is the best time!

The best time for the new lock of our deposit safes with security level B!
The newcomer to our family of safes. The big brother among our vaults.
For all those who like to have something solid in their hands, an overview of our products is now also available in printed form.
This model, our PAYdesk series, is specially designed for those
developed, which allows a throw-in in the outside area (front)
and require a withdrawal directly in the interior (back).
NEW in our assortment: Throw-in safe with security level B
This large deposit safe has a lockable deposit flap.
To further enhance security.
For all those who can and want to see something beautiful in a safe.