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What you should or want to know about safes

Safes are available in countless designs and variants. Safes for valuables, furniture safes, deposit safes, fire safes, data safes, weapon safes and many more. But which safes do I need, for what purpose and what are the decisive differences that are important to me?
Why are there different levels of security and resistance?
Why do they have different names at all?
What does VdS certified, ECBS or IMP mean? What is the VDMA?
Which class is the right one for me or which one I need and for what purpose?
What does my insurance have to do with it and should I talk to her about my safe?
Should I fasten my safe and if so, can I do it myself and may I do it myself?
We want to answer these questions and show you the way to the right safe.

At the end of the introduction a few words about DiaDorn.
DiaDorn is a specialist for a certain group of safes, namely the deposit safes.
Since 2013 we have focused on this group of small safes in the security level A and B.

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