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The furniture safe

The term is often not quite obvious to the consumer, because it is not a piece of furniture, but a classic safe that can be built into a piece of furniture, but does not have to be.

The safe could also be called a living room safe, office safe or home safe.

Furniture safes are usually built and offered in uncertified or simple security levels / resistance classes.

Places of use:

hotel room

Beginners safes are often built into furniture pieces / hidden
average weight unchecked and simple security levels
is already available at reasonable beginner prices

For values like:

small cash amounts
mobile phones
Wallets for crypto currencies
everything worth protecting
You should pay attention to the following

Before buying, everyone should think about what to put in and what to protect at the end.
One cannot expect the same protection from a safe for 50 Euro as from a safe for 500 Euro.
It does not prey that a safe for 50 euros is not sufficient, but one should first of all in the clear what's to be protected. If you want an additional insurance cover, you should to talk to his insurance company in advance.

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