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sum insured

You would like to purchase a deposit safe for your shop / cafe / bar, but you are not sure what the sum insured is and what the security levels mean.

Now that you know what size your deposit safe should be
and with which lock you would like to open the safe in the future,
now comes the most important question, which consists of several questions:

What do you want to protect in the safe | deposit safe ?
Should the contents be insured?
If so, how high should the sum insured be?
Because these questions quickly change the requirement profile and drive the price of the safe up.

But there are small loopholes, as you can achieve a considerable sum insured even with an inexpensive deposit safe, which "only" has a simple security level.

Talk directly to your property insurer - there is room for negotiation
Do you have a burglar alarm system?
Do you have video surveillance?
Have the safe fastened
The size of the deposit safe changes with increasing security level propotenzial.
This effect should not be lost sight of either.
It doesn't help if you can't set up the safe in a sensible way or even if you can't keep the weight of your safe to a minimum.
floor and must therefore not be set up.

Also a direct installation in a sales counter is not possible anymore.

A deposit safe for shift or daily receipts and an insurance sum of 2500 €.
is already a big step towards more security.

In addition, you can use a burglar alarm system (alarm system)
considerably increase the sum insured in coordination with your property insurance.

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