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Securing of daily income

One of the most important issues in a company is trust in its employees.

This trust can shrink due to erroneous, manipulated or disappeared daily / shift earnings.
The question of who manipulated or stole the revenue (employees, external persons)
can add value to a team and destroy confidence.

On the part of the management to the employees, but also on the part of the employees,
for false accusations and suspicion.

To prevent this from happening, the use of a deposit safe is recommended.

Advantages of income security in deposit safes:

  • Simple and safe deposit of the names 
  • Safety for employees and management 
  • Manipulation between colleagues excluded

Depending on the security level, income can be insured higher against loss than in the cash drawer.

The management no longer has to secure the income on a daily basis and bring it to the bank or have it brought there.

In combination with a burglar alarm system, the insurance value can be drastically increased.

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