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Safes | Throw-in safes - The right attachment

Why should I always fix my safe?
Burglars usually have little time. We should take advantage of that.

If he finds the safe or deposit safe and it is not fastened, he will usually try to and then open it calmly with heavy equipment. If it is fixed, it must open the safe / deposit safe on site. And that costs time. Time that the burglar usually does not have.

Can I fasten a safe myself?
Yes and no. It all depends on what your insurance company expects from you.
The amount of insurance cover is decisive here again.
Should your insurance company require it, we recommend that you commission a VdS-certified installer to ensure that this is done professionally and that you then receive a certificate of attachment.

If you want to secure your safe yourself, there are only a few things to consider.
Check the location.
A safe should always be placed in a corner without a gap.
If you want to place it in your sales counter, as is often the case with our deposit safes, it is essential to choose a corner that there are no gaps. To be on the safe side, reinforce the entire area to achieve greater stability.

Check the substrate / rear wall

What is the underground?
Different materials require different fixing materials.
If you want to fix the safe in the ground, please pay attention to the following
whether it's pipes or underfloor heating running down there.
If possible, use all fixing points of your safe.


A safe deposit box should be fastened at all costs.
If possible, it should be fastened in a corner or directly in and with the sales counter.
Fastening should preferably be to the floor or the heavy parts of the counter.
Otherwise install an additional reinforcement.
Do not leave any gaps to walls/back walls or other parts.
Stable anchoring in floor and/or wall or rear wall.
If possible, use all the prepared fixing points of your deposit safe.

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