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Safe in your hotel room - an advantage you can't do without

You want to go on vacation. No matter if mountain or sea, you will definitely look for accommodation.

Everyone wants different equipment in their hotel room - air conditioning, TV, terrace, refrigerator. Of course everyone wants security.

Security for your values and your money when you are not in your hotel room. In addition to the locking systems, a safe is available at the reception or in your room.

Due to the high fluctuation throughout the year, hotels are interested in offering such a service in order to provide more security for visitors and less unpleasant situations for the hotel that would diminish its reputation.

For this reason, many hotel announcements have pointed out that the hotel is not responsible for the loss of valuables that are not stored in the safe provided by the hotel.

How do you know how good a hotel safe is?

Hotel safes are usually programmable / code locked and have a security lock.

If you have a safe in your hotel room, pay attention to how small it is, whether it is installed in a hidden location and, most importantly, which lock it is locked with. If the lock is an electronically removable code for each new guest at the hotel, this is the safest option. No one but you will have access. Better still, if the safe is firmly attached to the floor and/or wall.

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