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Deposit safe - What is it and do I need it for my business? Did you know that?

There are safes for banks, safes for schools, safes for keys and simple, inexpensive safes for your home. However, if you want to allow non-key owners to store content in your safe, you need a deposit safe.

Deposit safes are the perfect choice for shops, offices, schools or other large companies that have problems managing cash or valuables. You may not want everyone to have access to the cash when it is in the safe. However, you may want to give everyone the opportunity to put the cash or valuables there in the first place.

Deposit safes allow non-keyholders to insert cash or valuables into your safe through a drawer or shot without being able to remove them or be responsible for security.

Deposit safes offer several options. Here is a brief overview of the main types you will encounter.

Deposit safe with drawer - for large amounts of cash or bulky valuables

Drawer safes are just the way they sound. With a large front drawer, anyone can put money or valuables in the safe by opening and then closing the drawers.

Most locker safes have a special "trap" in the draw to prevent anyone from gaining access to the contents of the locker once they are inside. These are often referred to as "trap protectors".

This type of safe is perfect for cash, jewelry or other moderately bulky deposits.

Deposit safe with deposit slot - envelope or cash deposit

These deposit safes are mainly used for cheques, bonds or securities and are more space-saving as they do not have a cumbersome drawer or mechanism for cashing deposits.

Due to the lightness of the safe, these safes are lighter and can hold more deposits. Of course, the key holder can store large amounts of cash or valuables and also deposit them through the main door.

These safes are perfect for shops and businesses that need to store large amounts of paper money safely, but also need to store change and other valuables on site.

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