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Decision: Which vault do I choose?

How do I choose the right safe?

Until recently we used safes mainly in a bank or on holiday in a hotel, which offered an individual safe at the reception or in the room.

Recently, however, the idea of buying a safe for personal use at home or in the office has become more and more attractive. Everyone is looking for a way to protect their most valuable possessions against theft, loss by accident and disasters.

However, in order to choose the safe that suits us best, we have to answer a few questions:

What do you want to keep in it? What size/volume do you need?
What do you want to protect your valuables from? Theft, fire, water, etc.
Where would you have space in your house, office?
Should it be anchored to a wall or floor or both?
Which type of lock is best for you?
To protect your valuables at home or in the office we offer our design safes - more than just security.

A safe was fundamentally designed to protect values and is therefore not always a disposable item.

But it does not have to be. Our furniture safes are produced in Europe and are equipped with a VDS certified key lock or electronic combination lock. Our safes are equipped with a 10mm high quality steel door and locked with 4 steel bolts certified by VDS.

All parts are cut by laser to achieve highest security and aesthetics.
Through a surrounding fire palatinate and fireproof filling material according to DIN 4102 we achieve a fire protection of approx. 27 minutes.

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