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Are you protecting your home on holiday?

The Christmas and skiing holiday season is getting closer and closer. We are all looking forward to this time of year when we can take a well-deserved break.

But also the thieves are waiting and looking forward to it. They are resourceful, patient, and observant.

That is why we would like to give you some tips when you go on holiday.

Install several surveillance cameras. They may not work, but the mere fact that they are there will deter thieves.
Always keep flyers, brochures and other advertising material on your doorstep. Ask your neighbour to pick them up for you.
Always keep your garden and yard clean (if you live in a house). This indicates that someone is at home.
Do not announce on Facebook that you are leaving home, let alone for how long.
Stick alarm system stickers on your front door.
When you load your luggage into your car, keep it hidden from people's eyes as much as possible.
Reinforce your doors if your door lock is weak.
Get a motion sensor system in your home that can be easily monitored by your smartphone.
Get a safe and secure it in a secret place to protect your valuables. You can find some models in our online shop.
In any case you can protect yourself and you can enjoy your holiday.

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