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22/10/2018 | Replacement safe lock

Now is the best time!
The best time for the new lock of our deposit safes with security level B!

A new VDS certified electronic combination lock from the company KABA - model Code-Combi K 82021 and 2 heavy steel bolts lock the deposit safe with the article number 10424.

The lock has an LCD display, 2 separate user codes, double code or
an opening in the 4 eye principle, an adjustable time delay and the possibility of
Emergency power supply in case of empty battery.

A key lock variant is also available for this version:

VDS certified high-security double-bit lock from the company STUV Made in Germany and 2 heavy steel bolts - the joy of locking valuables!

Both safes have a double-walled construction with a total wall thickness of 40mm, a 2.5mm thick inner wall and a 4mm thick outer wall.

The door of the safes has a thickness of 6mm hardened steel.

They were built according to the VDMA guideline 24992 for security level B

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