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12/11/2018 | Freshly printed

Who else loves the smell of freshly printed paper?

Even though it is clear that nothing will replace "online browsing", it is still important for us to be able to present our products in printed form.

We present our current interior catalogue freshly for a sniff.
Our principle also has top priority for our catalogue.

Simple and plain... and yet so present.

Immerse yourself in our furniture over a cup of coffee and get inspiration for your next "home project".

Our versatile shelves are perfect for this:

Whether for a dignified storage place for your favourite records, or a place to put your bourbon or gin.
Something to sit on?
A bookcase?

Perfect for every creative streak.

The cubic shape not only fits stylishly into any type of room,
but also lends a touch of elegance with its minimalist
Design a unique order in the overall picture.

We would be pleased to send you the catalogue on request.
A short mail to and it is almost on the way.

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